Category: Colour Poster Paper

Coloured paper is a great resource for any schools to have. Comes in all available colours of the rainbow for use in art and craft projects.
Cut into shapes for scrapbooking, collage or scenes. Use for drawing on, painting or decoration. Available in different sizes and thicknesses.
These single colour poster paper sheets are supplied in packs of 25 sheets and are ideal for mounting, creative borders and creating perfect display boards and collages.

These 80gsm sheets each measure 76cm x 51cm and are ideal for mounting onto classroom display boards and for all types of classroom makes. Your pupils are limited by their imagination only when it comes to these poster paper sheets! Packs of 25 sheets of single colour poster paper are available in the following colours; just select your preferred colour using the drop down box above:
Light Green
Dark Green
Bright Blue
Dark Blue


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Colour Poster Paper

We manufacture Colour and white Poster papers used in converting and packaging industry.